Reloading Courses

Given the current and likely future scarcity of non toxic factory ammunition, I have been approached by a number of people with respect to learning to reload one's own ammunition.

This can be a daunting thought in the first instance so I have decided to offer one to one reloading courses. The idea being that those that wish to, can spend a day with me learning to reload and developing a load for their own rifle with my bullets.

Ideally one will leave the day with a confirmed load that shoots well, at least 50 rounds of loaded ammunition and the knowledge to repeatedly manufacture, not only that ammunition, but also to develop loads for other rifles for yourself SAFELY going forward.

The structure of the day will be most likely be as follows:

The first step to any decent load is a properly maintained rifle. We will check the rifle over, including bore scoping the barrel, checking that the barrel is properly free floating (if appropriate)  and checking scope mounts etc. We will also check barrel twist rate, simply because the methodology for how to do this is useful for future reference.

Once we are comfortable with the condition of the rifle will will move on to ammunition.

In the first instance we will cover safety and the major does and (more appropriately) DON'Ts of reloading.

Following that, we will look at reloading equipment, both basic requirements and some more advanced pieces of kit. This will include the setting up of the press and dies etc.

From there we will move on to case preparation. I will prepare new cases before the day as this is a little time consuming but will explain the process and run through the equipment required.

We will then run through the use of published load data, how to interpret it and where to start with your rifle. This will also include measuring the throat of your rifle to ensure we start the load development with the bullet at an appropriate seating depth.

This will lead us to creating a charge weight test range for your rifle and my bullets. Once this is decided we will set about the process of loading test ammunition.

Once test ammunition is completed we will head to the range for initial tests. You will shoot your own rifle. We will shoot a 'control' test initially with your current ammunition. During the testing we will be inspecting the fired cases and I will explain how to spot the signs of over or indeed under pressure and the safety implications around these issues.

I will have my Labradar chronograph measuring MV's during the testing. Running the chrono at all times during testing provides an excellent 'sense' check and also provides lots of other valuable information. If we are lucky we will get an acceptable load during that test. If not it will be back to the armoury to tweak the test loads subject to the information we have gained from the first test.

Then back to the range for further testing until a load is settled.

In order for this to work and for those coming to get the most out of it there will be an element of work needed to be done by me in advance, specifically brass preparation. I will cover this on the day but by its very nature it is quite time consuming and will cause delays if we actually have to wait for cases to clean etc.

I envisage that on booking I will take details of rifle and cartridge, I can then prepare appropriate brass and be ready for the day itself.

The cost for the day will be £200 + VAT, plus the consumables (brass, bullets, powder, primers etc.)

What you will need

Yourself, your rifle, your current ammunition and a notebook and pencil.

What you will take away

A minimum of 50 rounds of precision hunting ammunition for your own rifle. The load data in order to load more.

The knowledge to develop and load high quality hunting ammunition safely, for any rifle, in any cartridge.

If you have interest in this and have any queries or indeed would like to book then please email me and we can get it organised.

N.B. If we have to clean the rifle when you arrive or zero the rifle when we get to the range this will waste valuable time so please ensure that the rifle is cleaned thoroughly with an appropriate solvent before arrival and that it is properly zeroed.